Q: I'm in charge of or have been asked to check members in to a Chapter, Fleet, or Admiralty House Event.  How do I do this?

A: First, don't panic!  It's actually pretty easy; you need to first do a little data entry in MEDUSA via a web browser (yes, a mobile browser will work as well).  Make sure you have the name, date(s) and physical address of your event.  Although you won't need this information right away, note that you can add additional registrars for those manning the table or at the chapter meeting that wants to help check members in to the event.

Once you have all your required information, simply follow these instructions:

1. Login to MEDUSA, and when you get to the main menu, under the EVENTS section, select "Schedule an Event."

2. After clicking on "Schedule an Event," MEDUSA will bring you to the data entry screen.  From here, simply enter in all the information necessary to register the event.  Note that you can add fellow members who may also check people in.  If you don't know who this is, yet, don't worry, you can edit this later or on the day of the event.  (Click or touch the picture to get a closer look)

3. Once you're done entering in all the required and/or optional information, click on "Save" at the bottom of the screen to save your event.

Now, I need to edit my Event!  How do I do this?

4. Log back into MEDUSA via your web browser.  You should now see a new menu item in the main menu under EVENTS, called "View Scheduled Events."  Click on it.

5. And then click on your Event's Name...

6. It will bring you right back to the Event Information screen, you just add names to the registrars or edit any other info you need to, and then click "Save" once more.  Easy!

Okay, I've got everything ready to go.  How do I check people in at the event?

In order to check people in, we're going to switch to a mobile device with a camera (smartphone, tablet, etc).  This device should be on-site for checking members in.  Depending on your type of phone, you'll need to download either the iOS app from the Apple App Store, or the Android app from the Google Play Store (they're both FREE downloads).  Click on one of the two below, and they will take you to the proper store's web page for download.  Each one will open in a new browser tab or window.

After you complete your download, open the app and login using your MEDUSA credentials, and then you should see your member information.  Let's walk through how to open the check in menu item from the top of the screen.   This will be a simple 1-2-3 (or 7-8-9, in this case)!   You can use your own card to check yourself in, first, as a test!

7. From the drop-down menu, touch the Check In menu item, and then touch the name of your Event.

8. On some devices, it will prompt you to give the app access to your mobile device's camera.  Go ahead and grant access.

9. Okay, now all you need to do is scan either the member's physical membership card, or if they have access to MEDUSA via the mobile app or a mobile web browser, they can show their card on their screen and display it to your camera.  Make sure they turn the brightness all the way up!  There's a box-shaped QR code located on the right side of the card or card image.  Scan this to check them in.  Note that there is no way to manually enter in a member's information, you must use the QR code to check them in.

The app will tell you once the device successfully checks in the member, and offer you the ability to keep scanning more codes.  If you don't have any more cards to scan, touch "No" and it'll return you to the app's main menu.  When more members trickle in, simply start back at step #7 above to keep checking people in.

There you go!  Well done!