Q: I (am/know of) an author that should be on the TRMN Gunnery (Reading) Challenge Authors' List for double-credit.  How do I make sure that their name is entered on the list?

A: First, please double check that the author is not already on the list by visiting this link (opens in a new tab).

Secondly, if the author is not on the list and you are not the author in question, please check with that author for permission to submit their name(s).

Thirdly, please make sure the author is a member of TRMN.  Any author submitted without the TRMN Member ID will be rejected as ineligible.

Lastly, send an email or open a new ticket at the top of this page.  Within that ticket, please use the following form with the subject of "Please add (Author's Name) to the Reading Challenge list."

  • Are you the Author?:
  • If not, do you have permission to submit this Author to the List?:
  • Name of Author:
  • Pen Name of Author (if different from above):
  • Preferred Third-Person/Gender pronoun of Author:
  • Author's TRMN Member ID:
  • Author's TRMN Chapter:
  • Author's Website URL (if applicable):
  • Author's Amazon Page URL (if applicable):
  • Author's Amazon Book URL (if applicable):

Additional Information

Why we ask for a pronoun: Each author receives a section of the list, and we will write the section to refer to the author by pronoun.  Out of respect to the author, we request the pronoun.

Per the Gunnery Challenge 2018 Rules, TRMN Member Authors are required to have their short story, novella, novel, or any kind of publication with an issued International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) prior to being listed.  It is Tenth Fleet's preference that the book be listed on Amazon.com for easy verification and subsequent listing within the Tenth Fleet's Affiliate Store for linking and fundraising to support the website costs.

NOTE: Please be aware that the Prime Minister of the Star Kingdom, Sir David Weber, is specifically excluded from the Authors' List by order of the First Space Lord.  For more information or clarification, please send an email to the 1SL's Staff Intelligence Officer.  Books that are co-written with other authors who are also members of TRMN are permitted to be counted for double-credit.