Q: I am a member of HMS Shipname and I would like a personal email account or alias to help me carry out my duties.  How do I obtain one?

A: This requires a number of things before we can assign you either an email or an alias.

First: Does your ship have its own domain?  If not, then we will be unable to assist you.  This only applies to those ships with personal domains (ie: hmsyourship.org)

If your ship does have its own domain, please read on.

Are you requesting an email account or an email alias?  The difference between an account and an alias is simple:

  • Account: This is a separate email inbox you need to login and check using the Webmail Client or a desktop/mobile device client (such as Thunderbird/Outlook, or perhaps your iOS or Android device).
  • Alias: This is a simple forward or redirect you can use on business cards.  It does not require a login, as all emails are forwarded to another account (such as Gmail).

Next, you will need the permission of your ship's Commanding Officer or designated crewmember in charge (typically the ship's Communications officer or staff).

Armed with the above information, please fill out the following form by copy/paste into an email to support@tenthfleet.org:

Full Name:

Rank (Paygrade):



Account or Alias:

CO's Name:

CO's Email Address:

Once you have the above filled in and sent off, the Support Team will respond with a Ticket Number and be in touch with you.