Q: I need to add a new user to my website.  How do I do this?

A: The following instructions are based on the fact that you have Administrator permissions on your website.  If you do not have this, you will need to contact the person responsible for this level of access.

Browse to the USERS section of your Dashboard and then click on ADD NEW:


If this person already has an account on the Tenth Fleet site, you can add them as a Subscriber by entering in the following information:

Under Email or Username, type in the email address they used to signup.  This will have the site search the Tenth Fleet user database for a matching username.  If it finds one, click on the found name to ensure that it accesses the correct user account.  If it does not find a match, then they do not have an account on the Tenth Fleet site, and you will need to move to the next set of instructions below.

Otherwise, apply the Role you wish for this person to have.  For more information on what Roles have what level of access, please read this article at Wordpress.org (opens in a new window).  You may see some custom roles not listed on that page; if so, please consult with the administrator.  If no such person exists, please open a support ticket requesting information on those roles.

You may opt to Skip Confirmation Email.

Finally, if you see Other Roles, you can select another additional role for this new user.

If this person does not have an account on the Tenth Fleet site, then you will need to create a new account for them using this dialogue screen.  Or, alternatively, you can have them sign up for an account first by visiting http://tenthfleet.org/register and then informing you with the details needed for the instructions above.

Username: Use their first initial and last name (ie: hharrington).

Email: Use the email address they provide to receive site notifications and account information.

Role: Choose Subscriber or another Role as indicated here.

Skip Confirmation Email: Do not select this.  The system will send them an email to inform them of their account information and a link to validate their email.  Email validation is required for certain functions.

Other Roles: If you wish to add an additional role to this user, you may do so here.

If you find an error during this dialog, or the user in question has a problem, please open a support ticket.