Q: We had a recent Change of Command and I now need to add/remove people from administrator access to our website.  How do I do this?

A: This depends on whether you have administrator access presently, or not.

If you do not have access, and you are the incoming Commanding Officer, please open a support ticket with information on who should have or continue to have access to the website.  If you an incoming member of the Command Triad (XO or Bosun), please consult with your incoming CO and have him or her send in a support ticket to setup the access with us.

In any case, please make sure you have registered for an account at the Tenth Fleet site.  We can do a quick site assignment and access change.

If you do have access and you are adding a newly-authorized member of your crew to assist with the website, you can add them on your own by following these steps.

Select the "Add User" dialog from your Dashboard

On the left side of your Dashboard screen, scroll down to where it says USERS.  This is usually located just below PLUGINS.  Once you mouseover the USERS menu option, select ADD NEW.  This will bring up a new page for you to enter information within.  If the user in question has signed up for an account on the Tenth Fleet site, use the ADD EXISTING USER section

In the window above, make sure that you're using the correct email address for the new user, and that you select his or her role as Administrator.  You can opt to skip confirmation if they've got an account.  When they log in, have them use your site's login page with the same username and password.

If the user in question has never signed up for an account, use the ADD NEW USER, which is located on the lower half of the same page.  It will look like this:

Enter the person's Username (usually first initial, last name [ie: jsmith]) and the email address they wish to receive notifications and account information on.  Also, advise them to keep an eye on their spam folder, as some of the automatic notifications tend to be marked as spam.

Under Role, choose Administrator.

It is recommended that you do NOT select Skip Confirmation Email.  Please make sure they validate their email address as this will confirm their address for the site, as well as allow them an opportunity to tell their client to not treat the mail as spam and/or confirm that they are receiving emails from the site.  If there is a problem on this point, please open a support ticket.

Other Roles are not necessary as Administrator encompasses them all.